DIY Green Bandana Placemats

I have been a victim too. I once owned a set of the plastic, supermarket placemats. When they are so new and sealed, they look so glamorous they would have their own catwalk on the Victoria Secret version of kitchen ware. They look so shiny and polished and new. They cry out for you as you menda menda (stroll) past the shelf down the aisle. You will then be foolish enough to pick one. Even give yourself a chance to debate on whether to take fruits or flowers.

Source: Google

Now Father Time decides to show you the worst side of wearing out. These things become so worn out, torn, old and they give that embarrassing look of being misused without rest. After all the wiping and water, you actually start seeing their true color. The false glossy layer peels off and you remain with the chipping, faded picture. Sadly, mine had reached this point. I actually pitied them and even stopped using them.

Someone in the house must have also noticed and decided to give them the much deserved rest they ached for. The dustbin did its bidding and that was their farewell. Now came the hard part of deciding what to use for placemats. I avoided the well-known route of those sneaky, glossy looking supermarket ones.



Cue in bandana placemats. (I have never actually owned a bandana for more than two weeks. They either get lost or they just disappear to the unknown.) I decided to stitch my own version of bandana placemats that I would actually enjoy seeing. It actually feels good to use them as they wait to receive guests. Compliments and orders are refreshingly welcome.

Padded on the inside too…


                                                                   Dinner was served on this lovely DIY Bandana Placemat

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