Home of Art & Talent- Pine Breeze Youth Group Centre, K- South

When you hear of a concert, the first thing that comes to mind is a massive stage with those funny bright lights, annoying sound system and the singer/ performer who has been repeating and singing all their songs instead of performing. I let my daughter go with her aunt with the promise that I would pass by later to check on them… Curiosity took the better of me and I went. That was 2 years ago… Finally got to do this draft.


Venue: Pine Breeze Library and Car Wash, K- South….

Bus and library? Before you say anything, Yes… The two do flow together as the photo shows, the kids’ library is just an old bus upcycled and turned into a kids’ library with an elephant sculpture/ swing at the front

Be it music or spoken word, the venue has indeed played host to quite the portfolio of artists and dignitaries with American Ambassadeur Robert Godec being one of them. Among the artists that have been able to grace the venue are:




It seems K-South still holds it down as the home of art & talent. This venue is just along the main road, Mutarakwa Rd off Outering Road, so you probably won’t miss it. Here are bits of the artwork at the venue. Get to visit, donate books, volunteer or inquire on how you can contribute to the centre.

Fena Gitu too got to shoot part of her Sema Ng’we video here. Check it out.


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