Home of Art & Talent- Pine Breeze Youth Group Centre, K- South

It seems K-South still holds it down as the home of art & talent


Ready for a Night Out- Fan Fashion Friday #3

The long awaited Easter weekend is here with us. 4 days of filling our bellies with chapatis, pilau, sodas and all that your belly can handle.  Not forgetting the nyama choma and beer bellies that shy away from gyms. Besides all that, we still have to look good and get away from the endless questions [...]

Turban, Headwrap, Dreadlocks- Fan Fashion Friday #2

Bad hair days are just going to be with us ladies, once in a while. Your saving grace might just be that scarf that you keep overlooking in your wardrobe. Turbans and headwraps are not so hard to pull off. One thing that I do know is that there's never a sure formula on how [...]

Little White Dress & Red Doll Shoes- Fan Fashion Friday #1

This is a new feature I have planned to do on a weekly basis. As a tribute to our favourite fans and readers, every Friday we will publish a set of outfit pics that you guys submit. This is just to give you a chance to appreciate the different personal styles we all have out [...]

Kamwana Chronicles 1

It is quite a shocker when a young man, Kamwana, has no vision or goals for himself.  (How unfocused can you be Kamwana??) Truly shocking when the said Kamwana has a wife and a child less than one year old. Very young family. I wonder how the wife survives. Sigh! Equally shocking, that this Kamwana [...]

The way she talked about her ex

  It was a beautiful date The gentle breeze, made her scarf gently blow It was time for him to ask that question That question many women dread   "Tell me about your ex" The man asked the woman he is getting to know She gave a giggle, then looked down Will she be evasive [...]