The way she talked about her ex

  It was a beautiful date The gentle breeze, made her scarf gently blow It was time for him to ask that question That question many women dread   "Tell me about your ex" The man asked the woman he is getting to know She gave a giggle, then looked down Will she be evasive … Continue reading The way she talked about her ex


Fall in love with my best friend

The best relationships and marriages happen when the two people in it are best friends. 1. A best friend is loyal, so there will be no issues of unfaithfulness. No one betrays a true best friend no matter how tough things get, no matter what anyone else has to offer. 2. A best friend knows … Continue reading Fall in love with my best friend

What do you look for in man?

"Thank you" she said "For what?" I asked "For bringing me here for a walk. It's a really nice place" "I'm glad to share the walk with you" I gave back. "Please allow me to say again you look lovely." I was finally sharing time with her This warm-smiled lady granted me a date. "So, … Continue reading What do you look for in man?

Bring me a man who…..

She prayed to God saying,  "Dear lord, bring me a man who loves You like I do. A man whose heart will not be just after mine, But ultimately yours. Bring me a man who You have been teaching wisdom, A man who has been allowing You To work with him and in him As … Continue reading Bring me a man who…..

Teach Me How To…

You know what I'm about to do God, tomorrow I ask her to be mine But before I do, I make a request Teach me how to pray Teach me how to pray for her For out of all the women You created None appeals to me like she does Teach me how to pray … Continue reading Teach Me How To…

No such thing as a perfect lover

Your partner is not perfect, neither are you. If your partner was perfect, your partner won't need you; our inadequacies and want make us need each other. Your partner has weaknesses because love is strength. Your partner has flaws because love improves. Your partner has shortcomings because love goes the distance. Your partner will make … Continue reading No such thing as a perfect lover

Am I made for loving you?

That time when you find that exact song that describes your current mood... Listen to it.... Sigh! and your life goes on. "I Was Made For Loving You" (feat. Ed Sheeran) [Tori Kelly:] A dangerous plan, just this time A stranger's hand clutched in mine I'll take this chance, so call me blind I've been … Continue reading Am I made for loving you?

Love is…

I'm a sketch artist and it's about that time I strongly felt that I should give due credit to the cartoon comic strips that I grew up with...   Growing up, I got to scroll through the Daily Nation newspaper and head straight to the Leisure section with the TV guide, crossword puzzle and my … Continue reading Love is…

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Strangers silently we passed. Only to look behind The other's head has also turned. One beautiful smile from you, Relieved my heart of grieve. Like honey, you cover the lawn fleeting beauty- In the cool morning air. Many are the times I wish. I wish I would have you for my own. When I say … Continue reading I shall be telling this with a sigh

Violence is not of love

"The worst regret we have in life is not the wrong things we did, but for the thousands of the right things we did for the wrong people."   I have just seen this post on my Facebook account and I resonate with it so much as I am living this day in, day out. … Continue reading Violence is not of love