Kamwana Chronicles 1

It is quite a shocker when a young man, Kamwana, has no vision or goals for himself.  (How unfocused can you be Kamwana??) Truly shocking when the said Kamwana has a wife and a child less than one year old. Very young family. I wonder how the wife survives. Sigh! Equally shocking, that this Kamwana … Continue reading Kamwana Chronicles 1


Taking stock- December

This is my first taking stock post...  Still learning. Hope you do enjoy. Making:  plans for an awesome birthday weekend to come. Cooking:  lots of food for the weekend. Drinking:  water but not enough. Reading:  not much lately.  Wanting:  to sleep and just relax for a day. Looking:  forward to my daughter's 3rd birthday on … Continue reading Taking stock- December

Something unique for your big day

It's that time when age is catching up with you and you are still searching.... Yap! I'm there. It starts growing on you when all these hints keep flashing across your face or screens. Somehow good or bad, I am in the event decor business so being part and parcel of weddings is more of … Continue reading Something unique for your big day

Young adult in my life

There are the times when you sit and think and analyse your life and come to the conclusion that you need someone to talk to. Don't get me wrong, I would really want the services of a psychiatrist but when I just think of the hours, sessions and payments to be made... I would rather … Continue reading Young adult in my life

In the showery privacy

When you become an adult, major life thoughts and decisions basically sift through your mind while in the shower. Maybe its the calming effect of the drops of water rolling down my back that just uplifts my thoughts, close my eyes and think of what am doing in life, who I am in this life, … Continue reading In the showery privacy

Beautiful and brainy

Noticed how most is beautiful but no brains? Noticed how most is brainy but no looks? This happens how come? Hard to come by Beautiful and brainy is, Like rain in the Sahara Rare stones they are. Given to them many assumptions. Either, they have to be Neither, they can't be Not by choice Rather … Continue reading Beautiful and brainy

Little things that brighten up my day.

Life as we know it is hard...... Kenyan life infact. Hustle for cash, hustle for credit, hustle for anything you think will help u get through........... But all in all, any struggling and hardworking Kenyan finds themselves laughing their hearts out in the middle of the nerve wrecking struggle. It might be the bodaboda guy … Continue reading Little things that brighten up my day.

What we crave to know

She stood next to him, unable to understand his thoughts and feelings. Knowing what he felt was the one thing that would best satisfy her. Reading thoughts was the power she craved for. Just to be at peace with herself. He gazed into her eyes with a deep dark stare that ran a shiver down … Continue reading What we crave to know